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Serving the north shore of Massachusetts for over 40 years, Saugus Karate/Kung Fu is dedicated to fostering and developing strong mind, body and spirit for all students. We are committed to excellence, honesty, integrity, diversity and dedication.

Joe Dandreo
Assistant Chief Instructor, Joseph Dandreo, has practiced martial arts for over 20 years and is a 5th degree black belt. Joe encourages his students to push beyond what they thought they were capable of, all the while working just as  hard right beside them.
Jason Scaduto
Master Instructor Jason Scaduto has practiced martial arts for the last 40 years and has owned and operated Saugus Karate Kung Fu for over 30 years. He prides himself on igniting a passion for martial arts in all of his students.. Jason has been featured in Martial Arts Success Magazine and is a 7th degree blackbelt.
Rose Luongo
Rose Luongo, our Director and Senior Cardio kickboxing Instructor, has been with Saugus Karate for over 16 years. She has been a featured columnist in the Route One Business Networking Group newspaper and can be found teaching cardio Saturday’s at 8AM.

We offers programs for the beginning student to the advanced, with separate group classes for children (age 4 ½ – 11), teenagers, (12-16), and adults (17 and up).

In addition, private lessons featuring personal, one-on-one instruction can be arranged mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends at the student’s convenience.

* Ages 4 1/2 & up.  Group or private 

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I have been training here for over 10 years. It would be difficult to imagine a better place to learn about the martial arts than Saugus Karate Kung Fu. The style, culture, people and instructors are great.
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Steven Catizone

My 6 year old daughter loves going to Saugus Karate class. As a parent I was/am impressed with the core values of life that are taught (discipline, respect, kindness, confidence) at Saugus Karate.
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Marco White

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